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Harvest Festival - Oct. 13th

A Family Communion Service at 9.30 am

followed by a

Bring and Share Lunch

from 12 noon in Curridge WI Hall

Everyone is welcome to the service and/or the lunch.

Hermitage Churchyard Restoration Project

We're excited to announce that we will be doing some work in the churchyard - with the aim of making the church more visible from the street, creating a "Garden of Reflection" and improving physical access to the church and its facilities.

  1. Formation of a compacted gravel surface from the lych gate to the church to enable ease of use by wheelchair and walking frame users.
  2. Formation of a “step-free” access into the church.
  3. Removal of the existing steps and the formation of an access ramp to the Adelaide Room.
  4. Removal of the timber fence on Newbury Road and the repair of the brick wall below.
  5. Removal of the garden shed and compost bins.
  6. Installation of a new signboard adjacent existing on Newbury Road similar in size and design to that adjacent the lych gate.
  7. Remedial works to the “bunker” (following confirmation of its present use)
  8. Various arboreal works and work to the hedge against the “footpath”.

If you would like to contribute to the project and help us to continue to provide an accessible, peaceful spot in the centre of the community, please go to: